Oraask.Com – You will never stuck again.

From our slogan we will not let you stuck in code again 🙂


About Oraask

Oraask was founded in 2015. Started the website from one single person who has experience in oracle to express his knowledge and share with others.

We are regularly updated our content and added more by putting a lot of effort and time to deliver something worthy.

Oraask is combining between four things :

  • Question & Answer portal.
  • A social community for developers.
  • knowledge base to explain the basics of different programming languages.
  • a blog that shows a different point of view related to technical aspects.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to deliver something worthy to software developers/engineers beginning with questions and answers.
a social community that lets the developers follow each other and ask each other along with customizing their feed.
a knowledge base that explains the basics of programming languages out there and ended with a blog that expresses different aspects of technical topics eg: tutorials, whitepapers, etc..